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Apart from South Gosforth, many residential districts of Gosforth are suffixed "Park". There is Bridge Park, Brunton Park, Gosforth Park (including Newcastle Racecourse), Grange Park, Greystoke Park, Grove Park, Melton Park, Newcastle Great Park and Whitebridge Park. East of the Great North Road, Garden Village was developed on 'garden suburb' lines in the 1920s to house workers at the nearby LNER electric train depot (now the Metro depot).

Areas of Gosforth have been used as a filming locations for television shows and films. Gosforth Park was used as a location in Get Carter and Whitebridge Park which was used in an episode of Wire in the Blood. Melton Park has the ruins of a chapel which dates back to early medieval or late Norman times. It may have been built on the site of a Roman fort.

Brunton Park is a neighbouring estate to the Newcastle Great Park. The oldest parts in the estate have existed since the early 1930s. The rest of the estate was built during the 1940s and 1950s. It contains a number of local convenience shops. One of the newest expansions of Newcastle is the Great Park to the north of Gosforth.

Gosforth High Street has been home to local shops for over a hundred years. Shops on the High Street include a branch of Boots, Thorpes (a well established local hardware store), estate agents, hairdressers and banks, among many others. In 1979 the Gosforth Shopping Centre opened on the High Street and connects to Gosforth Central Park; shops here include a Sainsbury's and a WHSmith. There is also a branch of Virgin Money and a Cancer Research charity shop. The park was created on the site of a former nursery for £10,000 and opened on 6 August 1932. A theatre stood on part of the site of the Gosforth Shopping Centre. The stage faced the park and a huge door could be opened to entertain an outdoor audience. The theatre was damaged in a fire shortly before the Shopping Centre was built.

Many shops have come and gone from Gosforth High Street over the years, including familiar names such as: Robinson's Pet Shop which was near Elmfield Road; Boydell's Toys on the corner of Hawthorn Road; Maynard's sweet shop, the Toddle Inn cafe and Laidlaw's hardware and decorating store - all of which were situated opposite the junction with Saint Nicholas Avenue; and Moods - a stationery and gift shop - which stood where the Gosforth Centre is now, opposite Ivy Road.

The car park on the corner of the High Street and Salters Road is the former site of a school.

Gosforth Shopping Centre is owned by Graham Wylie, co-founder of the Sage Group, which itself is headquartered just outside of Gosforth in the North Park development.
Opposite Regent Centre interchange is a 24-hour Asda, which lies on the site of a former dog-racing track. The Asda supermarket was refurbished and extended in 2007 to include a photographic service centre and restaurant. The area also hosts many smaller-type supermarkets, designed for quick "Essentials" service, such as the Cooperative Food store in the Regent Farm estate, there is also a smaller Asda store (former Netto), which was built on the ground of a former Kwik Save/FreshXpress store and a pub, The Collingwood.

In 2008, Sainsbury's opened a store in Gosforth High Street's Gosforth Shopping Centre, on the site of a former Kwik Save/Somerfield store. Nearby Kingston Park houses one of the country's largest Tesco supermarkets, which is known as a "Tesco Extra" superstore. Additionally a Marks & Spencer Food store is currently under construction opposite the Asda superstore.

Newcastle City Council reported to Great Park residents in a meeting that it has outline planning permission in 2007/08 for a new supermarket. However no such location has yet been confirmed.

Gosforth is served by five Tyne and Wear Metro stations: Ilford Road, South Gosforth, Regent Centre, Wansbeck Road and Fawdon. The control centre for the Metro system is located at South Gosforth station, and the main depot and car sheds are nearby. Regent Centre's Transport Interchange also contains a large bus station and multi-storey car park.

In 1902 Gosforth was linked by tramway to Wallsend, then Newcastle a year later; this tramway has long since been removed as other travel links evolved. The Gosforth Park Light Railway extended the tramlines from the High Street to the gates of Gosforth Park; this service ceased in 1930. In the late 1850s, prior to horse trams, a resident by the name of Mark Frater established an omnibus service connecting Gosforth and Newcastle.

In 1864 Gosforth was connected to the Blyth and Tyne railway. In 1905 the Ponteland Railway was opened from Gosforth to Ponteland. Three stations in Gosforth were on this route, South Gosforth (the 1864 station renamed), West Gosforth and Coxlodge. With the opening of the Metro system in the 1980s the locations of these stations were used for the modern South Gosforth, Regent Centre and Fawdon stations respectively.

In 2009 Newcastle City Council agreed to £9.6 million worth of plans to revamp roads around Gosforth, including the High Street and the Great North Road. With the proposed improvements there would be up to 13 months of roadworks, starting in 2012. The High Street is to have bus lanes, and other traffic is to be confined to one lane in each direction. The city council aims to get 90% of the funding for the congestion improvements from the Department for Transport.

The current Civic Hall in Gosforth is on Regent Farm Road and was built in the 1970s as a replacement for the old Central Hall on the High Street. A Second World War plaque is located in the Hall. As of 2011 the hall is not regularly used and the council are looking at other potential community uses for the building.

Primary schools
St. Charles RC Primary School, St. Oswald's RC Primary School, Wyndham Primary School.

First schools
Archbishop Runcie CE First School, Archibald First School, Broadway East First School, Gosforth Park First School, Grange First School, Regent Farm First School, South Gosforth First School & Brunton First School.

Middle schools
Gosforth Central Middle School, Gosforth East Middle School, Gosforth Junior High Academy (formerly Gosforth West Middle School).

High schools
Gosforth Academy (formerly Gosforth High School / Gosforth Grammar School).

Independent schools
Newcastle School for Boys, Westfield School (for Girls), Central Newcastle High School (for Girls).

Sixth form colleges
Gosforth Academy Sixth Form College.

Adult education
Gosforth Community Education College.

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