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SUrjj Legal

Solicitors Solicitors

"I recently used Surjj Legal\'s services for a personal matter and was very impressed by the high quality of service and legal advi"

Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants

Accountants Accountants

"Opened up new avenues and possibilities that I didnít realise were there because so involved in day to day matters. "

Cleaners Kilburn

Cleaners Domestic Cleaners Domestic

"Not only did they come on such short notice, they did an amazing job! They dusted every single book in the library , and cleaned o"

debtDr - Prescribing Life Without Debt

Debt Advice and Counselling Debt Advice and Counselling

"May I thank you once again for your support to me at the court. I do not know how I would have coped without your expert knowledg"

Your Good Prospects

Debt Solutions Debt Solutions

"I am a personal trainer and I have known Sandra Townsend for eight years. If I were asked to name one unique quality She has, it w"

Mike Property Maintenance

Bathrooms Bathrooms

"mikepro.co.uk We hired Mike to redo our bathroom and are highly satisfied with his work. He came to give us a quote at a convenie"

Todd's Locksmith Service

Locksmiths Locksmiths

"Thank you for the awesome locksmith work. My new locks work a lot better than the old ones and none of my keys break off anymore."

debtDr - Prescribing Life Without Debt

Debt Advice and Counselling Debt Advice and Counselling

"Iíve now a clear idea as to what I want my financial situation to be over the coming months and I also have a clear idea as to wha"

Meeting Rooms London

Conference Venue Conference Venue

"What a brilliant conference centre - situated just at the bottom of the M1. I was impressed by the warm welcome, great hospitality"

Cleaners Kilburn

Cleaners Domestic Cleaners Domestic

"I was a bit sceptical at first whether this would just be yet another cleaning company who couldn\'t be bothered after a few weeks"

Garson & Co Solicitors

Solicitors Solicitors

"I would just like to say that from now onwards Iím your walking, talking ambassador. Vouching to the fact that ĎI know a solicito"

Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants

Accountants Accountants

"I found the strategic planning day a fantastic way to focus on the financial side of my business. Much as I may have had all the "

Edgeware Road Cleaners

Clean Advertising Clean Advertising

"I am very pleased with the cleaning services provided at all. These cleaners are true professionals who give their best for our sa"

Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants

Accountants Accountants

"Definitely made me aware of where I am and the decisions I need to make about my own personal financial planning"

David Lloyd Sudbury Hill

Gymnasiums Gymnasiums

"David Lloyd in Sudbury Hill has amazing facilities. The pool is fantastic and the gym equipment is modern & up to date. I used"

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Brent Tourist Information & Travel Guide

Brent has a variety of attractions to offer visitors.  The most famous attraction is Wembley Stadium which has over 1 and a half million visitors each year who are able to enjoy live football and rugby alongside its usage for huge international concerts.  It is regarded as one of the top venues for global sport from The Worlds Athletic Championship to the Olympic Games. 

Wembley Stadium opened in 2007 and has now become the primary space for concerts as it has a platform for music performances which are usually operated on the west end of the stadium in order to provide fans with an extraordinary view.  The seating has been arranged so that all visitors have enough room to relax and watch the show and also allows for a higher roof line alongside a specially created protected sound system.

For a historical guide to the area, visitors can go to Brent Museum where you will find a Community Gallery and current exhibitions located on the ground floor of the building.  The museum showcases the vast multiculturalism apparent within the borough of Brent and illustrates the diversity in local communities and cultures.  Also found on the ground floor of the museum are activities to do with Brent's history.  There is no entrance fee and the museum is open every day of the week.

If you would like to spend your day shopping you can go to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, which houses over 120 popular retailers and high end brands such as Calvin Klein, Caroline Ferrera, Mac, Marc Jacobs, Mickey Jewellery, Sahara, Samsung, Schott, Sekonda, Jeff Banks, JD Sports, John Lewis, Tag Heuer, Ted Baker and many more exciting designers. 

The value of customer service is monitored at Brent Cross as the stores providing the very best service are rewarded for their efforts.  A mystery shopper is brought along every six weeks and this is how the level of customer service is calculated, bringing visitors the best results for shopping in the area.

For a more cultural experience of Brent, you can visit Tricycle Theatre which opened in 1980 and is now commonly recognised as a highly regarded theatre in all of London.  The theatre is also an art gallery and cinema as the building went through severe redevelopment in 1998.  Now the theatre in itself can facilitate 230 visitors and in addition to this is a 300 seat cinema.

A great way to enjoy the multiculturalism found within Brent is to take a trip down Ealing Road.  Here you will find an array of Indian shops that sell beautiful selections of fabrics and Indian clothing.  To accompany this are various shops that sell fresh fruit and vegetables, some that are rarely found in the country and you will also come across many jewellery shops offering spectacular jewellery pieces. 

Ealing Road also has a variety of cafes and restaurants contributing the finest cuisines of eastern taste. The road is very popular and is regularly crowded with people enjoying a day out of good food and available clothing.

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