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SUrjj Legal

Solicitors Solicitors

"Mr Ilan did an excellent job helping me to work out all the legal parts for my website. He was very helpful and pointed out man"

Your Good Prospects

Debt Solutions Debt Solutions

"I am a personal trainer and I have known Sandra Townsend for eight years. If I were asked to name one unique quality She has, it w"

Garson & Co Solicitors

Solicitors Solicitors

"I would just like to say that from now onwards Iím your walking, talking ambassador. Vouching to the fact that ĎI know a solicito"

Garson & Co Solicitors

Solicitors Solicitors

"I would like to thank Jeremy and his staff for making what is often a traumatic experience, especially for a first time buyer, a r"

Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants

Accountants Accountants

"Definitely made me aware of where I am and the decisions I need to make about my own personal financial planning"

debtDr - Prescribing Life Without Debt

Debt Advice and Counselling Debt Advice and Counselling

"Iíve now a clear idea as to what I want my financial situation to be over the coming months and I also have a clear idea as to wha"

Todd's Locksmith Service

Locksmiths Locksmiths

"Thank you for the awesome locksmith work. My new locks work a lot better than the old ones and none of my keys break off anymore."

Removals Spain

Removals And Storage - Domestic Removals And Storage - Domestic

"As a student I didnít think that I could afford to hire a moving firm when I moved to a new place but a friend recommended Removal"

Edgeware Road Cleaners

Clean Advertising Clean Advertising

"I am very pleased with the cleaning services provided at all. These cleaners are true professionals who give their best for our sa"

Passion Lounge Bar

Bars Bars

"We\'ve been to Passion Bar a few times already, the service is always good, the staff are friendly and try to make you happy. It\'"

Mike Property Maintenance

Bathrooms Bathrooms

"mikepro.co.uk We hired Mike to redo our bathroom and are highly satisfied with his work. He came to give us a quote at a convenie"

Your Good Prospects

Debt Solutions Debt Solutions

"I used Sandra\'s telemarketing service 2 days a week from november 2007 to july 2008. I was impressed at Sandraís work ethic as we"

Garson & Co Solicitors

Solicitors Solicitors

"Iíd like to thank you for initially seeing me at such short notice. I am most grateful to you for dealing with the transfer of pr"

Cleaners Kilburn

Cleaners Domestic Cleaners Domestic

"I had a move-out cleaning. It was so well done that during my move out inspection, they hardly looked at anything. The oven and s"

Garson & Co Solicitors

Solicitors Solicitors

"The other solicitor involved in this matter was not the most approachable, but you pursued him to the bitter end in order to final"

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Funfair - Roe Green Park

Start date: 8th August 2006 until 17th August 2008

George Irvinís fabulous funfair with celebrations for India and Pakistan Independence Days.

Roe Green Park
Kingsbury Road

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