Your potential revenue with CityLocal

A clear and simple look at the costs...

One of the main expenses will be the license fee, however we think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Customers 100 250
Income £54,100.00 £134,950.00
License Fee's £3,000.00 £3,000.00
Profit £51,100.00 £131,450.00

There is a monthly license fee that you have to pay that varies depending on your territory's size.

Typically, the fees start from £175 per month and go up to £300 per month. If you pay the year's fee up front, you can benefit from a significant discount reducing your costs even further!

Of course, because you are a new startup, we have waived this fee for the first two months. Only in the 3rd month, once you have had the opportunity to get up and running, does the full fee apply.

Once you get more than 200 customers your license fee goes up. However, you pay less as a percentage of your income as you bring on more customers!

We believe that the more you make, the more you keep.

Other services you can offer:

Search Engine Optimisation

With our "Keyword Targeted Service" you can help businesses get found on the best search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Video marketing for businesses

As an added feature, you can also offer videos to your clients using the CityLocal Motion Capture Service(CMC)

* Income has been calculated based on numbers demonstrated on the previous tab. Financial assumptions have been made although revenues may vary from franchisee to franchisee and we have also included recently added revenue streams in these assumptions. ** The monthly license fee for the first 12 months has been calculated on the assumption that you are running a large territory. This fee could be significantly less if you have a smaller territory or if you pay these fees up front and benefit from a discount.

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