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House Of Colour York

Image and Colour Consultants Image and Colour Consultants

"I went to see Carole for colours and shapes that are the most flattering for ME and came away with a WORKABLE WARDROBE! (Having ha"

House Of Colour York

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Find Image and Colour Consultants in York.

Welcome to the House of Colour York,

Hello, I'm Carole Green, one of the House of Colour consultants for the York area.

My personal colour and style journey began in summer 2010. After having lost some weight, I wasn’t sure what looked good, and I was still dressing as if I were bigger. My wardrobe was full of clothes in black and white which I could hide behind.

My colour and personal style classes were an absolute inspiration and my life was completely transformed by what I had learnt. No more black and white and, more importantly, no opening the wardrobe door every day and thinking ‘I’ve nothing to wear!’

I now have a wardrobe full of clothes in wonderful colours and the only problem now is deciding which of those fabulous clothes I want to wear. Shopping is easy and I no longer make expensive mistakes which end up never worn with the labels still on!

I worked in the media for 20 years and when the opportunity came to make some changes in my life, I decided to become a House of Colour consultant. Not only did my personal House of Colour experience give me a whole new look, it gave me the confidence to try out a whole new career.

It’s hard to make the image and colour change, but I can guarantee once you take the initial step you will save money, time and discover a whole new you.

Start your journey

You’ll start your personal journey with the colour analysis class and then progress through make-up and personal style classes next.

Each House of Colour class is designed to ensure that every client gets the individual attention they need, combined with the added benefits of working within a small group of no more than three.

  • Women's Colour Class - All about finding the colours to enhance your skin tones and eye colour
  • Women's Image - Find the shapes and styles to compliment your natural figure
  • Make-up Class - Learn the tips the professionals use when applying your make-up
  • Complete Package - The full journey to the new you
  • Men’s Colour & personal style class – Showing you how to achieve all you want professionally and socially by wearing the right colours and style for you – all in one day
  • Wardrobe de-clutter & personal shopping - De-clutter and refill your wardrobe with the right colours and styles

What others have to say:

I had a lovely day yesterday, it was astonishing to see the effect of some colours on my skin-tone - especially the beautiful pastel shades - likewise the negative effect of some colours!! Who knew that coral would my colour and brown would be my new black! Looks like I need to go shopping! Thanks for a lovely day. Ellie

I always played safe with clothes; straight towards black was my usual motto. After my colour class I have entered a whole new world, being helped to understand what colours really suit me has been such a confidence boost and I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone. Shopping for clothes used to be such a chore but thanks to Carole it has now become a pleasure. Thank you so much Carole, especially for the make-up advice. I love the colours you suggested for my lipstick and blusher and have worn them every day since! Having my colours done was a fantastic self-awareness experience, it has given me a terrific boost and was the best birthday present ever! Wendy

An absolutely lovely experience! I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it does!! Everyone should have their colours done, I definitely recommend it. Can’t wait to go shopping and now finally know what to look for. Caroline

I've just had my colours done by Carole. It was a fun day and I really learnt a lot about colours and how they can change your appearance. I was abit unsure about how this would change my outlook at first but it certainly has! Now I am wearing colours I never thought I would, and all my colleagues have mentioned my "new look" and how good I look, what a confidence boost that gave me! Thanks again Carole. Teresa

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Carole, I was amazed at the difference it has made to see which colours looked good and I have never had the confidence to wear. I have not worn make-up for many years, but with Carole's help I am much more comfortable wearing it. I loved the whole experience. Janet

For York Image and Colour Consultants Contact: House Of Colour York,

01904 691877 or 07798 534723


  • Women's Personal Colour Classes York
  • Menís Colour & personal style class York
  • York Personal Makeover Make-up Classes
  • York Personal Wardrobe de-clutter & personal shopping
  • Women's Image Classes York
  • Personal Colour Analysis and Consulting York

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House Of Colour York,
24 Wellesley Close,
YO30 4YA

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"I went to see Carole for colours and shapes that are the most flattering for ME and came away with a WORKABLE WARDROBE! (Having had a wardrobe of clothes and yet nothing to wear!)
I am a business woman and it is very important in the business world, which has become more competitive than ever, to present yourself confidently and to the best advantage.
I enjoyed my day with Carole but more importantly learnt a great deal and can recommend business men as well as women to take the time to visit Carole and learn how to give yourself the 'edge' on the competition!

Anne Ma'aye

Anne Ma'aye Joined Mar 2012

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