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Yorkshire Direct Services

Domestic Landscaping Services Domestic Landscaping Services

" I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone. Our saga started after agreeing work on a new drive and paying £1500 de"

Yorkshire Direct Services

popes head offices,
peter lane,
yo1 8su
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Welcome to the Yorkshire Direct Services Citylocal listing. Yorkshire Direct Services is a business that is listed in the following category - Domestic Landscaping Services– and can be contacted at 07706005197.

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I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone. Our saga started after agreeing work on a new drive and paying £1500 deposit in July 2015 which we were told was necessary to secure a September 2015 start date.
Shortly after the deposit was paid we received a letter delaying the start date and providing a new one, 3 weeks later than originally agreed. This new date arrived and the excuses began, new dates were given none of which were met only excuses on why work had to be delayed. As we were having a new dropped kerb and gates made we needed to coordinate with the relevant companies we had agreed to carry out this work and had to mess them around as a result of Yorkshire Direct Services inability to carry out work on any of the dates they advised.
Eventually we managed to get Yorkshire Direct Services to knock down a gate pillar and re-build so the dropped kerb could be completed and the gates made. However, they only agreed to do this on a further payment of £450 despite our contract stating no further payment to be made until the concrete was poured on the drive. We didn't feel we had any choice so paid the £450 on written agreement that no further payment would be made until all work was completed.
We continued to chase YDS for a start date on the drive and became very concerned when we received an email stating that the foreman had refused to carry out any more work until Tony Gunner returned from holiday. This led us to contact Consumer Support to find out where we stood. After speaking with them our concerns significantly increased. However, it became apparent that the paperwork/contract we had been provided with did not provide the correct cancellation rights and as a result we were advised we had 1 year and 14 days in which to cancel.
As it was now 2 months after the initial start date and all we had to show for our £1500 deposit and £450 for a new gate pillar, was a very wonky pillar(I have posted pictures where the site allows), we decided to action our right to cancel as by this time, we had completely lost trust and confidence with YDS. We were advised on the content of our communications and numerous letters were issued to which we did not receive any response. Thankfully, we realised we had legal cover as part of our home insurance so we were able to engage a lawyer who communicated on our behalf. This eventually had some effect although many deadlines were missed but in May 2016 we received a refund of £1260. Whilst this wasn't the full amount and we had to pay for the gate pillar to be knocked down and rebuilt, we decided to accept this rather than drag it on any longer even though we were legally entitled to a full refund.
We eventually used a local York company and have a fantastic granite driveway which despite costing us much more, the company never asked for a penny until all work was completed and we were happy with everything. One thing I have learnt from this horrible experience, is to never use a company in the future that asks for payment before completion."

Simon Fearn

Simon Fearn Joined Nov 2016

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