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Citylocal advertising is based on a simple idea. Our objective is to get your phone ringing and your website humming with qualified visitors. Your advert will be accessible on the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can advertise for free in our business directory. Register as a business - this is free - and the business listing is now live. Click here to register

Once you have registered then you can decide if you want to get a full listing. If you do decide to get a full listing - log in with your email and your password and you will be directed to the business area.

From here you can do 3 things: Upgrade your advert to a full listing (£15.00 per month), Advertise Property for Sale (free of charge) and Advertise Properties for Rent.

A full listing costs only £15.00 per month. For this you get:

1) Full web page with up to 500 words of text to describe your local service.
2) Your phone numbers, fax numbers & even mobile numbers.
3) Contact information and location
4) Direct one click email link
5) Weblink that clicks through directly to your site.
6) Your business photograph or logo
7) Access to the property section where you can advertise properties for free.

If you pay £25.00 per month you get the top position in your category. Your advert gets shown first in your chosen category. Only 1 business in each category can get this top spot. Grab it before someone else does!

The only other cost is a one off £50.00 set up fee, which covers the cost of us setting up your webpage, taking any pictures and helping you with your text for your advert.

As a bonus, if you advertise in our business directory you can advertise your properties for sale or rent free of charge.

You can sign up online and create your own advert or you can call us on 01382 779831 and we will send someone out to visit you to help you create your advert.

Contact your local office and they will be able to help with any queries you might have.

If you wish to contact us via email you can do so via the following email address:

Once your site is up and running we will do our utmost to drive customers your way. Our company is going to be advertised in the local and national press. We will also advertise in Google and other search engines.

People will keep coming back to our site to check local news, Post a Free Advert, Post Local Events free of charge, check whats on at the cinema, theatre, etc. They will use Citylocal to find properties for sale and properties for rent. They will constantly be on the site to check the local weather.

Our Daily crosswords, sudoku puzzles and horoscopes will drive users to check the site daily! Kids will love the arcade games. There is no charge for this service.

Parents and children will love the Post a Free Advert section where they can quickly and easily advertise anything and dispose of items they no longer need. This is a free service!

What are you waiting for? Join today and start getting new business calls soon.

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