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Property Inventory Reports

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For Property Inventory Clerks in Sunderland contact Property Inventory Reports (PIR). We provide independent reports and services for Letting and Management Agents, Landlords, Tenants, Relocation/Asset Management Companies and Housing Associations. We also carry out empty property checks.

Our Clerks will prepare and provide an accurate document of the general condition/contents of a residential lettings dwelling ranging from studio flats to detached houses, furnished or unfurnished. We take digital colour photographs of rooms and of any defects or damages to accompany our reports and this should be the basis for a landlord to prove whether a tenant caused damage and may be liable for the cost of repair or cleaning. Equally an inventory report protects tenants as they are able to rely on the agreed report to prove that they are not liable for any existing defects or damages at the property present for when their tenancy commenced.

Inventory Reports form part of a Tenancy Agreement between a tenant and landlord if referred to within the tenancy agreement.

Check In Services

In addition to preparing and providing reports, we also offer check in services. One of our clerks would meet the tenants at the dwelling and then conduct a guided tour of the accommodation. Our clerks would also point out any relevant features such as utilities isolation switches, stopcocks, window keys and agree meter readings. Formalities will then be carefully finalised by obtaining signatures for the agreement to our inventory report and a list of keys will be handed over to the tenants.

Intermediate Inspections

A mutually agreed appointment is arranged with the tenant in occupancy, giving the required notice as advised by the requirements of the tenancy agreement in force. The purpose of this inspection is to ascertain whether or not the tenants are complying with the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement in their use of the dwelling.

Check Out Services

At the end of the tenancy and as soon as practical after the tenants have vacated we will revisit the property to carry out a final inspection. Our clerks will take digital photographs and note any changes to rooms, chattels and their condition that may have occurred since commencement of the tenancy agreement. Meter readings will be taken and our final report will be complied and sent to the instigating client.

Please visit our website for a more informative view of our services or if you wish to telephone us then don’t hesitate at your earliest convenience.

Contact Sunderland Property Inventory Company for Landlords, Tenants, Letting and Management Companies, Housing Associations and Relocation Companies.  

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