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Wake Up Your Wealth

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For Staines pension advisors, or if you want a consultation at home or in our office regarding retirement planning, investment advice or guidance on inheritance tax, then call Wake up your Wealth, which is a group of independent pension advisors serving Staines and nearby areas.

Wake up your Wealth offers services as pension advisors and provides assistance in retirement preparations, inheritance tax planning and investment planning in Staines.

Pension Advice

Our team of experts provides our clients with reliable financial advice, primarily as pension advisors in Staines. Our team works through an efficient system to analyse our clients’ details, in order to assist them with retirement planning in Staines. Our pension wizard mechanism examines our clients’ profiles and gauge their estimated retirement age, enabling us to advise them responsibly about their future investment options and optimising their profits. Our consultancy services and financial assistance programme include consultation services to help our clients formulate an effective and practical strategy for future, with respect to allocation of their resources. Our pension predictor system further aids in future investment development, by enabling our clients to assess the potential worth of their investment. Our retirement planning services in Staines, allows our clients to have an estimate of their pension and devise their future plans accordingly.

Inheritance Tax Planning

As independent pension advisors in Staines, we also provide services for inheritance tax planning. We are expert advisors for independent pension plans and inheritance tax planning. Our clients can freely approach our experts to seek consultation for inheritance tax planning. You may want to secure not only your future, but also of your investment legacy. If you die before your retirement, it is a possibility that that your pension fund may remain unutilised, or may be exploited in a manner that you wouldn’t have preferred. We compile, assess and analyse all the relevant details of our clients and study the current trend to provide them with responsible advice with respect to inheritance tax planning in Staines.

Investment development

Our helpful team of pension advisors in Staines will assist you with investment planning services to help you secure your future and live a relaxed retired life. Our investment planning services include low cost investment solutions, which enables our clients to invest their financial assets wisely. Our pension tidy-up mechanism takes into consideration all of your assets and study and analyse them to provide you with authentic and reliable advice, concerning the allocation of your resources, providing you with low cost solutions.

Retirement Planning

For pension advisors in Staines, Wake up your Wealth is a leader in the industry and can be trusted with matters concerning financial planning, inheritance tax planning advice and consultation. We pride ourselves in providing premium and quality investment services to our clients.

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  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Investment Development
  • Investment Advice
  • Independant Financial Advisors
  • Retirement Planning

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Wake Up Your Wealth,
Rosemount House,
Rosemont Avenue,
KT14 6LB

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