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For Staines Maths and English tutors covering Spelthorne with after school classes, call our CL Learning after school private tuition team and see what we can do to help your children’s learning.

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, whether they are in primary school or secondary school our maths tutors and English tutors in Staines teach a flexible programme that can help them develop these fundamental skills which we are sure you would agree are not just helpful in life but basics like reading and writing are downright essential.

School can be stressful for some children for many reasons but our intention in sending them is for them to learn skills like reading and writing, skills which will remain with them for the rest of their lives, skills which will greatly impact the decisions they make and the opportunities open to them. This is especially true of learning key skills like maths and English. At a time when good handwriting is dying out with the use of modern computers and texting, there is a need to teach good reading and writing.

Our after school Maths private tuition and English private tuition is designed to help young people who are perhaps struggling with these subjects a little or perhaps have learning difficulties that can make these subjects the source of anxiety which in itself will cause additional difficulties in learning these key skills.

However our Staines maths tutors and English tutors are not restricted to helping those that find these subjects hard in our after school classes but we love helping children that already display a keen understanding of maths and English with our after school private tuition classes. Why allow the classroom atmosphere to hold back your child’s learning when they obviously have great potential, our maths tutors and English tutors can help your child reach their full learning potential with the good study habits we teach.

Our Staines maths tutors and English tutors can give your children the confidence that they need to explore their reading and writing development with self belief and achieve great results at school and in life, while at the same time enjoy the learning process.    

For Maths and English tutors in Staines and Spelthorne, come and see our fully accredited learning scheme in practice. Let our maths tutors and English tutors in Staines take the headache out of learning things like sums, reading, writing and more.

  • Maths private tuition in Staines
  • Accredited programme
  • Learning support in Staines
  • English private tuition in Staines
  • After school private tuition
  • Reading and writing skills

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