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For Social Media Training in Nottingham contact Shake Social Ltd.  Shake Social Ltd are based in the heart of Nottingham and work with local businesses and charities offering a wide range of services from social media training, management, support, developing strategies and running campaigns.  They also write blogs for their clients.

Social Media Training is provided on a one to one basis, group training and can be tailored for a specific team within a business.

Many businesses now rely on social media to promote their brand and services.  It’s an excellent way to communicate online and engage with potential clients and customers.  There are so many different platforms that can be used including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.  The list is endless. 

Many business owners ask the following questions

•How can social media help my business?

•What do I use, there are so many different platforms?

•Is it going to take up all my time?

•What do I post and how often?

•How will I measure return on my investment?

These are common questions asked by most business owners.  Starting to use this way of marketing their business can be very daunting.  Shake Social Ltd can help you understand more about how social media can be used as part of your overall marketing plan and integrate it into your daily workload.

How Shake Social Ltd can help your business

•Helping you to understand which platforms would be best for your business

•Develop a clear strategy so you are clear about your objectives

•Set up your profiles or any that are already set up are configured correctly

•Offer excellent social media training for you and your team

Social Media Training in Nottingham 

Kate Tyler is the inspiration behind Shake Social Ltd she combines her skills as an ex-teacher to support businesses in Nottingham to increase their presence on-line.

The social media training can be provided on a one to one basis or in a group environment.  If you want all your team trained then Kate can set up a training session in-house and tailor this specifically to the needs of your business.

Shake Social Ltd can also support you to create a social media policy for your staff.  This will ensure that your whole team understands their responsibilities and will help safeguard your business reputation.

“Shake Social Ltd ran a training session for City Councillors on using Twitter to connect with a new and wider audience. The training provided a solid understanding of why Twitter is such a good platform, as well as explaining the risks and how to minimise them. Since then, many of our Councillors have become Twitter ‘converts’, empowered to use it effectively and wisely. Thank you Shake Social Ltd!”  Rebecca Wilson (Political Assistant to the Labour Group, Nottingham) 

For Nottingham Social Media Training you will achieve the results you want by working with Shake Social Ltd.  Get your business brand buzzing online and keep all your potential clients engaged and connected with your business.


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