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Weather in North Lanarkshire

5 Day Forecast

Day Weather Min Temp Max Temp Conditions
Thursday Light drizzle 5°C 13°C Light drizzle
Wind: 9mph s
Humidity: 94
Pressure: 1012
Friday Patchy light drizzle 11°C 15°C Patchy light drizzle
Wind: 15mph s
Humidity: 91
Pressure: 1006
Saturday Cloudy skies 8°C 12°C Cloudy skies
Wind: 15mph s
Humidity: 88
Pressure: 1003
Sunday Cloudy skies 6°C 9°C Cloudy skies
Wind: 18mph sw
Humidity: 83
Pressure: 996
Monday Partly cloudy skies 5°C 8°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 11mph sw
Humidity: 78
Pressure: 990

Today's Weather

Hour Weather Temp Conditions
3pm Mist 13°C Mist
Wind: 7mph s
Humidity: 97
Pressure: 1012
6pm Light drizzle 13°C Light drizzle
Wind: 9mph s
Humidity: 97
Pressure: 1012
9pm Cloudy skies 13°C Cloudy skies
Wind: 8mph s
Humidity: 97
Pressure: 1011

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