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Richard F Mackay Ltd

Furniture Retailers Furniture Retailers

"If you do not have time for the details, short verdict: go there to see what can be had, when it comes to actually buying somethin"

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Richard F Mackay Ltd

Pentland Industrial Estate,
EH20 9QH

Welcome to the Richard F Mackay Ltd Citylocal listing. Richard F Mackay Ltd is a business that is listed in the following category - Furniture Retailers– and can be contacted at 0131 440 4402.

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Stay miles away!!

"If you do not have time for the details, short verdict: go there to see what can be had, when it comes to actually buying something stay miles away from them!!

My episode starts in around October 2010. We were moving to Edinburgh from Ireland, had just bought a penthouse and wanted EVERYTHING for the new place, beds, sofas, dining furniture, you name it we needed it! We weren't rich in time, so after some initial research online, we decided on them as we thought they had the largest of collections of everything to choose from. To date we must have spent more than £10K with them, and as the previous reviewer said, they do come across very friendly with glasses of the sparkling and cup cakes and what have you!

The pain starts with delivery and basically everything post-sales. They will make you wait for months (you will be warned weeks anyway which will turn into months). And eventually when the goods arrive, they are either the wrong leg with the right tabletop or simply damaged articles. Mind you, they do have the friendliest of customer care, who will apologise in every call and email however it's you who will then start suffering long waits. Months go by, and eventually when you get the right-looking products, you find out that the legs of the sofa are broken or wrongly fitted; or indeed the £500-a-chest oak chests of drawers spill bucket load of oil so much so that your clothes get stained. My wife still cannot use any of the bedroom storage for which we spent north of £1000. When we complained they did manage to send "independent" inspectors and one of them said clearly that there was a manufacturing defect and when we asked for a refund, all we were offered was a store credit. So this is almost end of June and after 8 months of struggle I still haven't got a refund of money and yet we cannot use the bedroom furniture.

And the weirdest part of all is that their customer service manager tells me that if she had the authority she would refund my money months ago! She "silently" (her words, not mine) agrees to all my pain.

So that's my story. Do decide what you want to do. If you have a lot of money and a lot of furniture already so delay in after-sales delivery or fitting doesn't cost you any anxiety, don't care about spending OTT prices (in fairness to us, we had little time to shop around as had to set up quickly for the relocation) - yes, do go there. They do treat you well when you are in the shop. Once your money is gone, you won't see any of the decision-makers. That's it.

I am thinking to move to small claims court.

Embra Fella

Embra Fella Joined Jun 2011

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