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Business promotion in Inverness is easy with Citylocal Inverness.  Our purpose is to increase awareness for your business using online marketing and promotion to direct new customers to your business.  Members of Citylocal Inverness will also gain the advantage of having high rankings on many search engines.

Members can utilise a profile page like this one to advertise their company details with Citylocal Inverness. More than just a business listing, by advertising here you have the opportunity to sell your business letting customers see exactly what you have to offer.

Listed below are some excellent reasons to choose business promotion with Citylocal Inverness:

1. Your company name and address are clearly displayed on the Citylocal Inverness advertisement page as above with multiple contact numbers including landline, mobile and fax if required.

2 Members can receive e-mails direct through your advert page from customers or prospects. There is also a direct web link for members with their own web site, allowing customers to be one click from your full site information.

3 The Tell a friend function allows prospects and customers using Citylocal Inverness to email directly from your profile page to their contacts with link back to your listing thereby using prospects for business promotion.

4 The Owner profile allows you to write a little bit about yourself and personalise your listing. People buy from people and with this function you can let customers and prospects know a little bit about you. If you click on the owner profile tab above you will be able to view my example.

5 We also provide space below your contact details for a full description of exactly what your business is offering and the services you provide. This is enhanced with the ability to create your own picture slide show. Every picture tells a thousand words and with this advertising feature you can showcase your product, accommodation, or examples of previous work. For the complete business promotion visual effect Citylocal Inverness allows you to upload a 30-second TV style advertisement.

6 With your own log in and user password you have full control of your advertisement and can edit or update any part of the advertisement at your convenience for example you can add or remove pictures from your slide show.

7 Business promotion is an active process and we believe people's opinion's matter and work with you to capture reviews to enhance your listing. When your company gains an amount of good reviews with Citylocal Inverness we will award a certificate of recognition shown on your advertisement to acknowledge your products and services.

8 You also have the ability to post a business promotion money saver or promotional voucher alongside your advertisement to help attract new customers.

9 Anyone using the site can easily add your advert or business promotion voucher to their favourites so you will always be easy to find.

10 You can also measure how effective the business promotion on this site is for you by logging in and viewing your  advertisement statistics you'll see how many times your advertisement has been viewed and how often your web link has been clicked

To get excellent Inverness business promotion and online advertisement use Citylocal Inverness
Call Colin on 01463 772677 or 07803 159 023 today.

  • Mail drop advertising
  • Internet promotion
  • Advert targets local people
  • Cover Inverness Dingwall and Nairn
  • Website design and hosting
  • Print and design advertising

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Citylocal Inverness,
24 Cedarwood Drive,
Milton of Leys,

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We have included a Special Offer Voucher for anyone who finds us on CityLocal.

You can print the voucher out and bring it along when you next come to see us or simply mention the Offer Code if we have included one at the bottom of the voucher or if you visit in person just show the voucher on your mobile device - be it a smartphone or tablet.

You can share this with your friends and family too! You can also email the voucher or add it to your favourite bookmarks for later.

For full terms and conditions regarding this offer, please contact Citylocal Inverness.

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