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Kassam Car Sales

Car Dealers - Used Car Dealers - Used

"Swapped a car from Kassam cars in July 2014. Seemed ok as a straight swap. He recommended a mate of his to service it, was disappo"

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Kassam Car Sales

16 New Broadway, Uxbridge Road,
UB10 0LJ

Welcome to the Kassam Car Sales Citylocal listing. Kassam Car Sales is a business that is listed in the following category - Car Dealers - UsedĖ and can be contacted at 01895 272 859.

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worst car deal I've ever done

"Swapped a car from Kassam cars in July 2014. Seemed ok as a straight swap. He recommended a mate of his to service it, was disappointed he didnít pay for the service but I was in a hurry to drive back to Greece. His mate said it was a good reliable car and in good condition of course. Also charged over market price for service as I found out later. On the car he swapped from me he claimed to find some things wrong with it, but was happy to take it. Gave me a sales invoice. Anyway, a few days after I bought it the fuel pump went. He denied responsibility as he claimed he didnít give a warranty. A week later I had engine failture, 2 valves had to be changed. I was stuck in Belgium. Then a day later the ECU broke in East Germany. He finally agreed 750 GBP (after I checked my rights online and threatened him) back which was nothing compared to the 4k bill I had. I didnít have a choice as I was stuck abroad. Then a couple of months later a main gasket went and engine needed rebuilding, then gearbox was leaking and now the latest is the alternator and water pump need changing. I swapped the car for a 9000 value car with him (they were both worth about the same), it was a bmw 750 that I took from him. Since Iíve owned it in 8 months it has cost me over 8500 pounds in repairs. I havenít tried getting this back as I agreed to the 750 a while back and its too late now but I should have listened to my gut instinct when I met him and walked away. Many car dealers are dodgy but I would say this one will do whatever he can to make money and avoid looking after his customers. Throughout the whole process I felt he just wanted to see the back of me and to avoid paying anything as much as possible. Not a company with high integrity. I expect they will change names eventually and start up next day once they see they have so many bad reviews. beware."

alex stone

alex stone Joined Feb 2015

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