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Sona Tours Ltd

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"BEWARE, Please keep away from them. It was a worst experience one can ever had. I wouldnt even think of giving such a pain and tor"

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Sona Tours Ltd

Premier House, 112 Station Road,
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Sona Tours Shambles

"BEWARE, Please keep away from them. It was a worst experience one can ever had. I wouldnt even think of giving such a pain and torture to my worst enemy. We booked for 3 days Disney Land paris tour for Jubilee weekend (02/06 to 04/06). They booked a ferry for 6:00 pm but took us to Dover in the morning about 10am, when asked about this they refused to answere any queries ( I have got a copy of original booking sheet obtained from P&O Ferris booking office). They left us stranded at Dover for 10 hours, got to paris next morning 4am. You can imagine how painful, stressfull it would have been for all of us especially for children.
This tour was about Disneyland, but next day they gave us only 6 hours to explor the whole park. Obvisously children were the most affected one on this tour. They didnt had enough rest, no proper food, no basic ameneities (were not allowed to use even toilets in the coach).
The tour manager was a deaf and dumb guy, he didnt had any explanation. The drivers were in charge of whole trip. Its difficult to even imagine such a rude behaviour, their attatitude was as if they were doing any favour. From time to time they used foul language, many time they threatened to leave us in France. Can you imagine if some is using words like 'You have to do this', 'You have to be here by 6am otherwise we will leave you.. '.
In short, it was a nightmare, it now second day since we are back to UK, but still we havent recovred both physically and mentally.
I though I share this with my Indian/Pakistani friends, please dont go near them. I know for most of us the attraction is 'Everything is included' even indian dinner. We could get only one dinner out of 2 that were promised. Even that one was a disaster. The restaurant was so filthy, way below the minimum standards. We couldnt bear it so we came out and grabbed some sandwiches from a local shot on our expense. So please think twice. I would advice to go with professional tours, you may have some problem with food but otherwise you are guarenteed to whatever they promised.

We have logged a complaint with Consumer forum and travel watch dog and also planning reporting to ABTA. "


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