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ASBO for man who drove his neighbours from their homes

ASBO for man who drove his neighbours from their homes

A Grimsby man accused of lowering the quality of life of neighbours and driving them from their homes has been given an anti social behaviour order.

Oliver Burrell (18) of Lime Street Grimsby was given the interim Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) on May 18, 2007 by Grimsby Magistrates for a catalogue of complaints including setting fires, throwing a bicycle seat at his father and more.

Under the terms of the interim order Burrell has been banned from causing or attempting to cause damage to anywhere in Lime Street or being in a group of more than three people there other than his family. The order was made in the absence of the defendant by District Judge Curtis after a complaint was brought by North East Lincolnshire Council in response to longstanding issues of anti social behaviour.

The Council complaint alleged that Burrell was responsible for:

1. On 20th January 2007 the Defendant gathered with a group of youths and set fire to a wheelie bin situated in the rear alleyway behind houses on Lime Street Grimsby. The Fire Brigade had to attend to put the fire out which was in close proximity to the houses.

2. On the evening of 16th February 2007 the Defendant was shouting and swearing in the street of Lime Street Grimsby. The Defendant threw a bicycle seat at another man (his father). The Defendant then smashed a glass bottle in the street and ran, chasing the man, with the jagged glass bottle, whilst shouting threats at him.

3. On 1st April 2007 the Defendant fired a stone from a catapult which smashed a hole through the window of 85 Lime Street.

4. On 4th April 2007 the Defendant was fighting in the street with another man (his father) outside 72 Lime Street, Grimsby. The Defendant also picked up a brick and was shouting and threatening the man.

The interim order will expire on May 31 when Burrell will again be summoned to the court where North East Lincolnshire Council will seek a full anti social behaviour order.  In asking for the order the council also asked that witnessed were given protection top allow them to come forwards and give evidence.

Under the interim ASBO the Court ordered that Oliver Burrell is prohibited from:- (a) Engaging, whether by himself or by instructing, encouraging or inciting others, in any behaviour that does, or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person not of the same household as himself within North East Lincolnshire.(b) Causing, or attempting to cause damage to property, including by missile, object or other substance, or inciting others to do so. (c) Playing football in any place in Lime Street, Grimsby.
(d) Being on the side of Lime Street where the properties are odd numbered (opposite to the side where the defendant lives), specifically between the numbers of 65 and 115, preceding the corner of Lime Street /Lord Street and the corner of Lime Street/ Haven Avenue. (e) Being in a group of more than three other people (not being of the same household as himself) on Lime Street.A spokesman for North East Lincolnshire Council said the authority had received a number of complaints about anti social behaviour on Lime Street between June 2006 and April 2007, most of which named Burrell.
  He said:  "In granting the interim order the court heard that Burrell seems intent on lowering the quality of life of those around him and residents are obviously upset and angry that the behaviour has been continuing."Many people there are too frightened and intimidated to come forward and at least three families have also left their homes due to the behaviour of Oliver Burrell with more are attempting to leave."

The spokesman said the council felt the interim ASBO was a welcome step forwards for residents and was now seeking the full order in May."This Order gives the authorities significant powers to tackle the anti-social behaviour and problems in this area.

"The Council has worked very closely the Police to achieve this so far and I am confident they will continue to do so. I hope the residents will see an immediate change to the quality of their lives," he added.

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