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For Cyber Security Training in Gateshead contact DataHub who provide highly qualified tutors to assist in all levels of cyber risk training courses.  

In today’s networked world, businesses are becoming more dependent on their information systems. As threats from criminals increase, organisations will have to identify information as an area of their operation that needs to be protected as part of their internal controls.

DataHub provide training courses that are essential for organisations to address today’s numerous data threats and risk. Our learners are given the personal development skills that they need to keep abreast of important development in the new field of information security governance.

Our training courses provide learners in-depth knowledge of cyber requirements thus giving them the incentives to effectively manage data safely within their organisations. The protection of information assets is the subject of some International Standards around which our training programs are based on.

DataHub training courses are based on the leading standards on information security - ISO 27001, ISO 27035 and ISO 22301 - which each deal with a specific aspect of Information Security Management. Fundamental to ISO 27001 is that information protection should be considered as a ‘process’ and not a ‘product’ that one can simply buy. We outline the processes and steps that must be undertaken to satisfy the requirements of this standard. The various elements of our courses put into context the issues involved in information security management as required by the above standards.

Our learners are given a first-hand experience of identifying and analysing information risks that may arise in all aspects of an organisation's business operations, including human factors, e-commerce, web-services, and data transfers by email, post, fax and telephone. Our courses are assessed by written assignments which provide a channel for the learner to show the level of knowledge acquired.

Information security deals with the preservation of the integrity, availability of information and confidentiality. As this is now a major challenge to businesses worldwide, there is a general consensus that an increase in the level of protection skills is required in order for organisations to effectively address the increasing number of cyber attacks and risk.

Organisations need competent employees in order to deploy technology and to manage processes and non-technical staff need to have basic understanding of cyber protection in order to reduce the chances of exposing the organisation to cyber risk. Organisations need also effective processes if they are to minimise their broad cyber risk exposure.

The coursework provides learners with the skills to develop and implement an organisation-wide information protection framework that addresses all aspects of this area including organisational, operational, communications and technical risks.

DataHub training courses are aimed at those with responsibility for addressing information protection issues in their organisations and the employees of businesses that are involved in online transactions. Our training courses also cater for beginners in the area of cyber security and those that require advanced levels.

Our training courses will give learners the knowledge and skills to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of human error by familiarising them with procedures, information security policies and standards:
  • Reduce the likelihood of data breaches as a result of a human error as organisations can suffer considerable financial losses and reputational damage if confidential data is compromised:
  • Ensure that information assets are better protected in their organisations thus increasing customer and employee confidence in the business.

Our cyber training courses are intended to provide our learners with the skills that they need to progress in the specialty areas information protection and risk management. They cover key areas such as organisational information security, information risk assessment and assurance, information security incident management, personnel and physical.

DataHub certificate courses are certified by the national Certificate of Further Education (NCFE) Awarding Body which is a long-standing accreditation and awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulator for England – the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulator.

Gateshead Cyber Security Training is provided by Datahubs highly qualified tutors therefore please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience if you require further information. 

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7-8 Delta Bank Road, Metro Riverside,
Gateshead, Tyne & Wear,
NE11 9DJ

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