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RAFA Club Gosport

Clubs Clubs

"I am a regular member of the club. I would highly recommend anyone to join. You are guaranteed a really great night out, the atmos"

RAFA Club Gosport

Clubs Clubs

"This club is growing and moving on when other clubs have stood still, it now has 1 tuesday night ladies dart team - 2 monday night"

HFP Business Contacts Club

Networking Networking

"HFP.. your success in business is dircetly related to the people who know and like you. Networking is key to business success. "

FBG Fareham

Networking Networking

"What a fantastic start to the week. I have been a member for almost a year and have found it to be a very friendly and supportive"

Fairylicious Cakes

Cupcakes Cupcakes

"The most helpful reviews are well balanced and detailed."

RE-NU Kitchens

Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Kitchen and Bathroom Installation

"We have used Re-Nu Kitchens on two occasions, the second time when we moved house and realised our kitchen needed upgrading. We we"

Beautiful Treats

Gifts Gifts

"Hello, I am happier than I was, because I wear jewellery that I like and makes me feel beautiful. I made my choice and I get good"

HFP Business Contacts Club

Networking Networking

"David and Sally have set up a very friendly, informal but focused networking group and I have found it very useful for both contac"

PostArt Creative Photography

Photographers Photographers

"I went to an event where the photographers were hired and because I loved the photos I then hired them for my own event. They "

Ashleigh Chiropractic Ltd

Chiropractor Chiropractor

"I previously used a chiropractor who \"clicked\" me into place (I found it quite disturbing) but Azrael manipulates without clicki"

HFP Business Contacts Club

Networking Networking

"Dave and Sally have clearly drawn on their networking experiences to create a friendly relaxed environment, there\'s no pressure t"

Special Days Limousines

Limousine Hire Limousine Hire

"I used special days limousines as a surprise for my partners 40th birthday and after a great evening and excellent service would h"


Cleaning Services Cleaning Services

"Bins cleaned - Simply great service and great value these guys are good, on time every month, good service and bins smell fresh"

Active Eye Security Systems Ltd

Security & Alarms Security & Alarms

"Efficient and friendly. They did exectly what was promised yet were the cheapest quote by far. I would recommend them without hes"

N&B Bookkeeping & Accountants

Accounting and Book Keeping Services Accounting and Book Keeping Services

"Very friendly & professional: service tailored to our needs. Great service and we continue to use them. Tony Franks Little"

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Weather in Fareham

5 Day Forecast

Day Weather Min Temp Max Temp Conditions
Monday Sunny skies 12°C 20°C Sunny skies
Wind: 11mph se
Humidity: 66
Pressure: 1015
Tuesday Cloudy skies 12°C 17°C Cloudy skies
Wind: 9mph sw
Humidity: 77
Pressure: 1023
Wednesday Sunny skies 12°C 23°C Sunny skies
Wind: 6mph s
Humidity: 67
Pressure: 1027
Thursday Partly cloudy skies 11°C 24°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 10mph se
Humidity: 73
Pressure: 1024
Friday Sunny skies 13°C 25°C Sunny skies
Wind: 14mph se
Humidity: 68
Pressure: 1020

Today's Weather

Hour Weather Temp Conditions
1am Clear skies 13°C Clear skies
Wind: 9mph nw
Humidity: 91
Pressure: 1018
1am Clear skies 12°C Clear skies
Wind: 8mph w
Humidity: 92
Pressure: 1019
1am Partly cloudy skies 13°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 7mph w
Humidity: 87
Pressure: 1020
1am Overcast skies 14°C Overcast skies
Wind: 6mph w
Humidity: 77
Pressure: 1022
12pm Cloudy skies 17°C Cloudy skies
Wind: 7mph sw
Humidity: 77
Pressure: 1023
3pm Partly cloudy skies 17°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 8mph w
Humidity: 78
Pressure: 1023
6pm Overcast skies 16°C Overcast skies
Wind: 7mph w
Humidity: 84
Pressure: 1024
9pm Mist 14°C Mist
Wind: 6mph w
Humidity: 95
Pressure: 1025

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