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Home Tek Solutions Ltd

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For Falkirk Flat Screen TV Installations, HomeTek Solutions have over 15 years professional experience in the Multimedia and IT/Networking industries. We provide 100% satisfaction by delivering on time and on budget whether it be installing a Flat Screen TV, a Home Media Streaming installation or simply the remote repair of your PC carried out over the telephone and the internet.

Being based in Falkirk, we are ideally placed to serve all of Scotland where we visit Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Inverness where we provide unrivalled customer service and all personally supervised by our Director, Kevin Fotheringham BEng Honours.

Flat Screen TV Installations we conduct a survey and will confirm where you wish to mount the TV, flush or corner.

  • All exposed cables will be neatly routed or alternatively, concealed within the wall.
  • We will then connect your Flat Screen TV to your existing home theatre system.
  • The system will then be connected to an existing AC power source.
  • Your new Flat Screen TV will be demonstrated and you will be advised how your new system works.
  • Work area to be restored to previous state and the removal of all packaging etc.
  • We then ask you to sign-off a Customer Satisfaction form and remind you that you have a labour warranty for 90 days.

Home Media Streaming and Media Network installations. Combined systems can provide an ultimate audio-visual experience. The high purchase price for audio-visual equipment does not always equate to a high performance. 

As independent specialists we provide unbiased and expert advice which is supported by a professional home demonstration if requested. HomeTek Solutions will confirm your exact requirements and budget and will create a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. All Home Media installations are quality-controlled and thoroughly tested to ensure your own satisfaction.

We also provide advice and installation of Digital Media Streamers within in your house or work environments and connect them up to your Stereo or Home Cinema systems.

For existing wireless networks, we can connect your Home Media system wirelessly avoiding the associated "spaghetti" of cables. Without a wireless network, your own wired network can be connected complete with media server.

For your Office Network, from design through to deployment, we can handle all server and workstation issues. By having an efficient network, the very latest technologies allow cost-effective communication with your customers, your supply chain allowing you to remain competitive in your market place.

HomeTek Solutions is here to help you exceed the challenge. Our experienced team will come to your office and eliminate computer or network problems. Ask for details about technical phone support, remote support.

For your Home Network, be it dial-up, Broadband DSL or Cable Modems, HomeTek Solutions can install a wireless Local Area Network or cable Local Area Network to your exact requirements where the end result will be seamless high-speed internet access throughout your home.

Why WiFi? - Wireless Network for home or office

  • Allow your entire office/family to share a single Internet account! Even if you have 32 computers in your home or office....we can network them for you
  • Wireless = NO wires, cables etc.
  • Let your staff/family share a common printer or send files from one computer to another
  • Total portability of all PC's in your house or office.
  • Instant connection wherever you are...even your garden!
  • All your office/home computers become invisible to the outside Internet keeping them safe from hackers

HomeTek Solutions specialise in Music & Video Digital Conversion and for photographs, transparencies or negatives we can scan them to a high resolution in all common formats. Enhancement and editing is offered where we can crop, colour-correction, colour to monochrome (black and white) to transform your original images and then transfer them for your convenience onto CD, DVD or any other memory storage media you may have.

For Video, all of your old VHS, Beta and any camcorder formats can be converted to DVD format. Again, the same as for your photographs, we can-edit for video-cropping, colour correction, high quality Digital encoding and all supplied on quality DVD-R media in either a DVD case or optional Jewel case with insert.

As IT professional HomeTek Solutions provide PC/computer support to complement our network services team. From a simple repair to a complete computer upgrade, if it runs Microsoft Windows we can repair/fix/maintain at extremely competitive prices.

For PC Support by telephone and Remote Access PC Support our hotline is 0845 479 3642. You never know, we may be able to help you repair your computer problem there and then for the price of a local phone call. Of course not all PC repairs can be carried out this way, but we always offer impartial advice and we don't speak technobabble.

We provide PC support for the home or business user, who require a professional support service at affordable prices. Our engineers will be on site at a time specified by you and we are renowned for being punctual.

For all Flat Screen TV Installations in Falkirk and throughout Central Scotland, Forth Valley and Scotland along with all of our other services, please contact us with your enquiry where we will be only too pleased to help...even if it is just for simple advice!

  • Flat Screen TV Installations
  • Music & Video Digital Coversion
  • Online PC Support
  • Home Media Installation
  • Home Media Streaming
  • Computer Software Support

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Home Tek Solutions Ltd,
39 Stephens Croft,

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