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Dundee's Premier Night Club and Live Music Venue offering all types of dance music on its many floors... absolutely brilliant.

Fat Sams http://www.fatsams.co.uk/ first opened to the public in December 1983. Since then the big man has seen many changes in music trends, fashion, hair cuts, you name it. In the early eighties Fat Sams was the home of the famous Dance Factory, who brought many live bands at the height of their popularity to the club, and who still put live bands on in Fat Sams under the name of D.F. concerts.

Regular Music are another outfit who frequently use Fat Sams to bring you live shows, and it is Fat Sam's intention to continue to be a major player in the live music scene for many years to come.

Dance music of course is what night clubs are most frequented for, and Fat Sams has through the years seen a few music trends come and go. These trends have ranged from the popular to the obscure, the sublime to the ridiculous, and some of them downright dangerous. Always keen to encourage new talent Fat Sams has been host to some excellent innovative clubs. Of course the resident d.j.s continue to cater for a varied selection of musical tastes.

Fat Sam's continuing commitment to our patrons include bringing you affordable admission charges, including discounts for students, reasonable bar prices and regular drinks promotions. It is the goal of everyone at Fat Sams, the directors, management and staff to create a happy, trouble free environment for you to enjoy your visit and want to come back again

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Fat Sams,
31,South Ward Rd,

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