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Vulcan to the Sky

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The Doncaster Vulcan Bomber exhibition takes you on a walk through aviation history. It provides great family days out with group tours and educational talks. Since its first flight on August 31st 1952, the Vulcan has become an iconic aircraft; from its delta wing shape to the ‘howl’(click to watch video) of its engines on take-off, the Vulcan Bomber provides a familiar sight and sound to those who witness her in the air.

134 Vulcan Bombers were delivered to the Royal Air Force from 1956 and XH558 was the first Mk2 Vulcan, joining RAF Waddington in July 1960. Ironically, XH558 was also the last to leave service in 1993. For many years, the Walton family, who bought the last of the Vulcan Bombers from the Ministry of Defence, maintained XH558 with the hope that they could eventually take her to the skies once more. In 1997 a small and passionate team decided to do just that!

On 18th October 2007, and £7miliion later, the Vulcan to the Sky team watched all our hard-work, determination, optimism and endless fund raising pay off as the Vulcan Bomber roared up to the sky once more. On 3rd July 2008 XH558 was granted her permit to fly and took to the skies just two days later at a packed airshow at RAF Waddington. Watch this video to see the Vulcan in action.

Now, we have brought the Vulcan Bomber to her new permanent home, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, (click for video) where, in between flying displays at airshows and exhibitions around the country, she will be open to the public in Doncaster for great family days out and tours. To maintain the Vulcan Bomber exhibition at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport and carry on flying at air displays, we need to raise £1.6million every year. Part of these funds will also help the Vulcan to the Sky Trust meet their objective of using the bomber in educational activities.

Our educational aims are to help the public understand the history and impact of the Cold War and we want to help inspire young people in technology, science, design, innovation and engineering to ensure that these skills are not lost. We hope to use the bomber to encourage and educate current and future engineers and aviators to the benefit of our heritage and history.

The Vulcan Education and Access Programme aims to provide lifelong learning for schools, colleges, universities, community groups and special interest groups whilst also providing for the needs and interests of our staff, volunteers and supporters.

We are totally dependent on donations from the public and sponsorship, so why not help us by visiting the bomber exhibition at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. For sponsorship enquiries email Mike Trotter at mtrotter@vulcantothesky.org. We provide great family days out and group tours in Doncaster so you can feel a part of this great piece of history. Getting up close and personal with the Vulcan Bomber in Doncaster really brings home the history and technological importance of this fabulous piece of British engineering. Visiting the bomber at airshows and flying displays provides more family days out that let you witness the sheer power of XH558. See what you're missing by watching this video!!

You can buy mementos of your visit and the bomber by visiting the Doncaster Vulcan to the Sky shop, which is alongside the Doncaster aircraft exhibition itself. This is another great way of you and your family helping us to preserve our heritage as the shop helps us raise funds needed to continue our work. Or, why not check our main website to see how you can become a member of the Vulcan to the Sky Club.

The Vulcan Bomber in Doncaster is a unique exhibition, so for family days out that are fun and educational, contact us today to book your tour or visit the Vulcan to the Sky website by clicking on the link. Check out our tour dates for 2012 below!!

  • Eastbourne - 11 Aug
  • Clacton - 23 Aug
  • Dunsfold - 26/27 Aug
  • Bournemouth/Shoreham - 1st/2nd September
  • Duxford - 8th September
  • Cosby - 9th September

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