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Inspirations Training

Digital Camera Training Digital Camera Training

"As a technophobe I have always relied on Kim to sort out my computer, camera or other gadget and she always does, sometimes even o"

Cosmetic Contour

Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup

"After suffering for many years with very sparse Eyebrows, I now have the most perfect brows after my visit to Daphne of Cosmetic C"

Cosmetic Contour

Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup

"Having my eyebrows applied by Daphne was the best thing I\'ve done in a long time and the most time and cost effective! No longer "

Cosmetic Contour

Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup

"I am very happy that I came across Daphne of Cosmetic Contour\'s details in my local beauty salon, I had very thin and pale eyebro"

Cosmetic Contour

Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup

"I have recently had my Eyeliner permanently applied by Cosmetic Contour - the best thing I have ever had done, it saves so much ti"

Cosmetic Contour

Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup

"I came to your salon with very little self confidence due to my lack of natural eyebrows. I\'m pleased to say I can now look at pe"

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