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It Fleet Automotive

Transport Consultants Transport Consultants

"Disgusting and disgraceful company. Transport department couldn\'t care less about you. Find any reason in the world to release yo"

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It Fleet Automotive

Notley Enterprise Park,
Raydon Road,

Welcome to the It Fleet Automotive Citylocal listing. It Fleet Automotive is a business that is listed in the following category - Transport Consultants– and can be contacted at 01473313057.

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Deceptive and disgraceful company that will throw you to the curb at a moment's notice!

"Disgusting and disgraceful company. Transport department couldn't care less about you. Find any reason in the world to release you without a seconds notice. I was released because the supervisor didn't like me No other reason. Every worker is expendable and you are worth nothing to them. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! 1 YEAR OF MY LIFE WASTED.!! And don't get me started on how your cars are treated during Transport!"

Richard Smoth

Richard Smoth Joined Jun 2017

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