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N.T. Jones Roofing Consultants provide expert advice on all aspects of roofing including work on domestic, commercial and industrial roofing in Birmingham and Solihull. 

For over 20-years our consultants’ have delivered all our customers a quality service and workmanship that is second to none.  We provide effective solutions for both domestic and commercial customers and owners of industrial premises in Birmingham.  We do repairs and installation of flat, tiled and slate roofs.  Specifically for owners of industrial premises, we provide a range of solutions so please call or e-mail us for further information and to arrange a consultation.

Services provided by our roofing consultants: 

Leak solutions

Slat, tiled and flat roofs

Fascias and Soffits



Chimney flashings

Should any additional work be required such as brickwork or plastering, we can recommend some very trusted businesses that provide a quality service.

A flat roof is prone to lots of issues especially leaks which will damage the chipboard decking.  We will remove all the old and damaged boards and replace them with a quality exterior grade plywood with is then covered with a high performance polyester felt which, in turn, is topped off with a mineral cap sheet.

Slate roofs suffer from nail fatigue, which cause the slates to slip and if this is the case, the only and best solution is to remove all the slates and fit them all back with new nails.  Where slates have been broken, we can replace them with reclaimed slates as required.

If a roof valley is leaking its usually caused by damaged lead that has succumbed to fatigue that has been caused by its inability to tolerate continual expansion and contraction especially if it has been laid in lengths that are far too long.  When we replace the valley we use short lengths and incorporate a ‘weir’ in to the lead so it can be cut shorter yet prevent water from leaking in to the attic.

Eaves typically suffer from damage caused by UV rays that breaks down the under felt over time and allows water to leak in to your property.  We resolve this issue by fitting an eaves carrier system that support the felt and channels water in to the guttering system.

Lead flashings around chimneys are often a common cause of leaks and re-flashing the chimney with new lead can solve this and we incorporate a soaker to each course of slates and tiles.

On industrial premises, we can re-line valleys and install industrial grade cladding and sheeting and completely replace an industrial flat roof.

For all aspects of commercial, domestic and industrial roofing, call N.T. Jones Roofing Consultants.

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NT Jones,
60 Tanhouse Road,
B92 9EY

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