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For a business directory in Birmingham, call Citylocal Birmingham the Internet publishers listing information about local businesses, restaurants and tradesmen in Birmingham.  Our website is packed full of local information about local news, events and cinema listings.  Pretty much everything you would want from a local business directory in Birmingham!  Not sure?  Ask us for a free one-month listing to trial our service.

Our business directory enables companies in Birmingham to promote themselves on the major search engines and to get information about what they provide in front of over 100,000 monthly readers.  Our knowledge as local Internet publishers enables us to drive traffic to our business directory from multiple websites around the country including the BBC, Centillien, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more.

This gives us a major advantage over other Internet directory publishers in Birmingham as we can drive relevant customers to your business, which gives local companies higher exposure to local consumers than any other directory site.

Further promotion of our company is facilitated through banner adverts in our sales vehicles that are out and about every day in the local area, which in turn, drives even more traffic to our site.

Whilst many Internet directory publishers believe that promoting a company on search engines is the only way to promote a local enterprise, we go even further.  We use social networking to promote our customers activities.  Our company listings are specially adapted to be viewed with ease on mobile devices such as Android devices and iPhones giving us even more ways to connect with local customers.  And we now have our own apps for use on iPhone and Android devices. 

A further way to promote your business that is becoming very popular is the use of video advertising.  When coupled with an in-depth directory listing about your services, video advertising adds real power that reinforces your message and it’s not as expensive as you might think.  Better still, if you already have a video, we can add this to your listing free of charge and there aren’t many Internet publishers who’ll do that for nothing!  We’ll also add to our Citylocal Birmingham YouTube Channel.

Local companies in Birmingham can further promote their services by adding a slide show and a special offer voucher that will drive further customers to you.  And unlike other voucher companies your special offer will be designed to ensure you make the most of the promotion without incurring high fees for doing so.

Our team of Internet publishers can further promote your company through search engines by producing a fabulous website that will only cost you £1.00 per day which, unlike other Internet publishers, you own the domain name so should you decide to host it elsewhere after the first year with us, you can take it with you at no extra cost.  The fee quoted gives you’re a bespoke website of up to 5 pages and will be hosted on our secure servers.  Like our directory listing for your company, the website can be changed whenever you like at no extra cost.

By keeping your directory listing ‘fresh’ customers will always be looking to see what else you have to offer them.

To give you maximum exposure and to enforce brand awareness, you can further promote your enterprise through the use of targeted banner adverts which can be added to all the pages in our directory.  For example, a local estate agent might want to further promote their activities by having a banner advert on our property pages whereas the Birmingham Hippodrome took sponsored directory advertising on our homepage.

With some 95% of searches for a local restaurant or company now being performed using an iPhone or Android device it’s important to ensure your services are easy to access and read on these devices.  Websites are difficult to read on mobile devices and if a customer can’t what they want easily they’ll navigate to one of your competitors.  What our Internet publishers do is to provide your company with an easy to read listing that has been optimized so that it can easily be read on such devices meaning that you are more likely to get that all important call and not your competitor.

We’ve been operating as Inter publishers since 2006 and unlike other Internet directory publishers, we’ve gone from strength-to-strength unlike our competitors whose operations are debt laden and ineffective which means you will get exactly what we say – your company in-front of a high monthly readership.

When you ask for stats for visits to your listing from other companies they’ll simply give you the stats for the category you’re listed under with your competitors.  We, however show how many times your entry has been viewed right there on the page.  We also promote one type of company in your chosen category.  Our competitors list hundreds of your competitors in one category so what can a customer do?  Make a random selection and you will very likely miss out on their custom.  If you want to learn more about how our directory can help promote your company give us a call to learn more about how Internet publishers in Birmingham can get you more customers, call us today and get listed in the Citylocal Birmingham business directory.



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Citylocal Birmingham,
37 Grattidge Road,
Acocks Green,
B27 7AQ

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