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Powerflow Birmingham supply garage equipment such as DPF cleaners, air intake, EGR and injector cleaning equipment for use on both diesel and petrol engines to garages in the area.

With the average speed driving round Birmingham getting slower, many garage owners are seeing problems with DPF’s, injectors and air intakes that are becoming clogged by carbon and soot deposits in both diesel and petrol engines.

Going to any local motorist store to buy off the shelf products might have a short term effect on the car but it will never clean the hard baked on deposits left by the combustion of diesel or petrol and is just a waste of money as most products have to be added every time you fill up or every three months. 

If your car has badly clogged injectors or the air intake is heavily coated with carbon and soot our cleaning equipment will fix the issue and to avoid it happening in the future, keep your system clean using the Fuel Saving service that’s currently available through Kwik Fit and Trust Ford.

Once carbon and soot start to build-up on the air intake and injectors, your cars performance will suffer. Whilst you might not notice this drop off straight away, you will see an increased in your fuel bill because your car is using more petrol or diesel to maintain the vehicles’ performance.

If it doesn’t say BG on the tin you could be wasting your money.

Look at our Facebook page to see feedback from independent garages across the UK who use BG Products and Services.

Get your air intake service performed by calling City Fleet Care on 0121 766 8833 and keep your vehicle running efficiently.

City Fleet Care are located at - Unit 2, Speedwell Trading Estate, Tyseley B11 2AT

Also available at:

J & N Motors, 69-71 Yardley Road, Acocks Green - call 0121 708 2460

Auto Services (Alcester) Ltd, Arden Business Centre, Arden Road, Alcester B49 6HW - call 01789 763327

Bringing an Audi A3 TDI back to full power. The main reason the Bg intake clean works better than Terraclean or Carbon is because we treat the intake system the fuel system and the engine internals. Just cleaning the fuel system (Terraclean) will not clean the intake or the oil system. Carbon clean only cleans the intake again leaving out the oil system and also the fuel system. Although you will probably notice a difference after having one of these treatments only the Bg one will clean the entire engine,intake and fuel system and keep it clean.

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Posted by Carmatech on Sunday, 6 September 2015

  • Garage equipment
  • Air intake cleaners
  • DPF cleaning
  • Diesel injector cleaning

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Powerflow Ltd,
Gratidge Road,
B27 7AQ

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