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CLA Logs and Firewood

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For Aberdeen Logs and Firewood, don’t hesitate to contact us at CLA logs and firewood. We are quality Aberdeen firewood and smokeless fuel supplier. We supply high quality all types of kiln and firewood be it seasoned, unseasoned or dried and smokeless fuels of all ranges.

We can supply your kiln, logs and firewood in bags of various sizes depending on your requirements. We cater to both commercial as well as domestic customers in and around Aberdeen to meet the fuel requirements for winter and both hardwood and softwood are available. We also supply ready to use logs to meet your fuel requirements for winter.

We will give you a quick overview to buying logs.

  • Kiln dried logs are usually available to use immediately and are very low in moisture content. Their high output of heat makes them ideal to use with wood-burners, multi fuel cookers and stoves.

  • Seasoned logs have low content of moisture with output of medium heat making them ideal choice for use with chimneys, multi fuel cookers, wood-burners and open fire set-ups. They are ready to use in a week or two.

  • Unseasoned logs have a high moisture content with a low output of heat making them ideal for Do-It-Yourself seasoning. Unseasoned ones are ready for usage in six to twelve months.

We can guarantee sub 20% moisture content and hot burning of our fuel to give our customers complete satisfaction and experience.

CLA Logs and Firewood offers free deliveries to all our customers be it domestic or commercial and we guarantee a prompt delivery as promised when you place your order with us.

For Logs and Firewood in Aberdeen, contact CLA for an instant quote and we will ensure we supply the best of quality firewood available in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for your winter needs.


  • Aberdeen seasoned firewood
  • Dried kiln
  • Smokeless fuels
  • Seasoned logs & Kindlings
  • Dry Hard and Softwood Logs
  • Superior Timber supplies

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